Welcome to the home of golfington!  This fabulous and ancient sport is being rediscovered by the young and exciting people of London, Stockholm and rural Mediterranea. This web site is your source for everything golfington-related.  From the latest news and the rules of the game to photos and videos of famous courses and competitions, it is all here.


The game of golfington is most easily described as a combination of two other games, namely golf and badminton. Its gameplay is similar to that of golf, but does not have strictly defined fairways, greens, etc: a course will use its surroundings to their full advantage, adapting them into the game itself.  It is often played in and around historic houses and their grounds, with all the intruige, variety and history that such venues offer. For further explanation, see the rules page.

For the golfington fashionista, brightly coloured or patterned clothing is an essential on the course.  While many top players choose to dress in this way and clubs and sponsors often encourage it, it is by no means mandatory and in golfington courses and clubhouses around the world, brightly-attired players mingle happily with their more subdued counterparts.

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